Local Insurance Agents

Finding an insurance agent in your local area is still a valuable asset to building a well rounded and deeply rooted insurance portfolio. Insurance agents provide key knowledge and resources aimed at making sure your family stability and liability is protected from all angles. Insurance agents are regulated by their states insurance division and are required to meet continuing education requirements to maintain a licensed professional in their state of business.

Becoming a licensed insurance agent requires comprehensive training, usually consisting of in-classroom requirements and personal self-study. The individual must pass a detailed exam covering both general topics and law specific questions depending on what license they are trying to obtain (Property, Casualty, Life, Health, etc). The prospecting insurance agent must also be trustworthy, competent, financially responsible, and able to show proof of legal residency in the U.S..

Having a trusted resource who can answer questions and provide ongoing insurance portfolio reviews is crucial to avoiding ramifications that may entail with lack of insurance coverage and inadequate knowledge. When the time comes to find a new insurance agent, set a goal to interview at least three local insurance agents. Your goal is to find the agents level of knowledge, products offered, ease of contacting and that you are comfortable sharing your personal information with this person and/or the agency’s staff. Remember, most insurance customer services reps have been through the exact same insurance license process and are fully capable of handling your questions.

The type of products offered by the agent and from which insurance provider is important. There are two types of agents, Captive and Independent. The captive insurance agent represents one company and offers their products only (State Farm, Farmers, Nationwide, etc.). The independent insurance agent represents multiple companies and can compare rates from various carriers. The argument of which route depends on who you ask. We encourage you to interview both types of agents to determine the best scenario for you and your family.

Finding insurance through QuoteAgents.com is simplified and intuitive. We love the ease of use we can share but we also know some situations call for the help of a local insurance agent.