Best Auto Insurance Company

Finding the best auto insurance company for you can depend on multiple factors. It’s easy to think of price in determining your final decision. Although that is very important and one of the reasons why we here at are passionate about helping you save money, it’s not the sole reason on what makes one car insurance better over another.

Customer Satisfaction

Everywhere you go, customer service plays a factor in determining your shopping experience. Whether you’re buying toothbrushes at Walmart or getting a cavity fixed at the dentist office, customer satisfaction is a huge metric in whether you will continue business with that company. Auto insurance is no different.

Global marketing companies like J.D. Powers have taken great strides in trying to help the auto insurance consumer find the best company. Customers are sent surveys asking their experience post-sales and those results are then tallied up to determine which company offered the best experience. Topics include “Overall Purchase Experience”, “Policy Offerings” and of course “Price”. Erie Insurance won the 2014 Auto Insurance Purchase Experience award for the second consecutive year, followed closely by MetLife and State Farm. See the full list.

Claims Experience

Although purchasing an auto insurance policy may be something we all experience if we own a vehicle, filing or reporting a claim will not. Even though it’s never fun filing a claim, this is why we pay for insurance in the first place. It’s not uncommon for many insurers to switch providers after a bad claim experience. Auto insurance companies are aware of the factor that a claims experience plays in you remaining a loyal customer. With that knowledge being said, J.D. Powers also offers a survey dedicated to auto insurance claims satisfaction. Amica Mutual won the 2014 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study. See the full list.

Overall Price

Last but not least, price always matters. We pride ourselves at in helping you find great coverage at a great price. Since auto insurance is a not a one size fits all policy, what we pay depends on several factors. Since rates can differ from company to company, it’s best to shop auto insurance at least twice per year. Although it’s not uncommon to get awesome service at a great price from the same company, sometimes you have to pay more for it.