Auto Insurance Discounts

Each company has it’s own auto insurance discounts available. Here’s a list of most common car insurance discounts. Certain companies also offer discounts when first signing up for service.

Auto & Home:
Insuring both your auto and home insurance with the same company can provide discounts on both policies. This would also apply for renters and condo insurance as well.

Auto & Life:
Do you have your life insurance with the same company as your auto insurance?

Multiple Vehicle Discount:
Having more than one vehicle insured with the same company can qualify for discounts up to 20% off each vehicle.

Air Bag Discount:
Newer vehicles are equipped with Air-Bags by law, why not get a discount.

Accident Free:
After so many of years of being Accident Free, you deserve to save.

Defensive Driver:
Take a Defensive Driver course and save a little money on insurance.

Good Student Discount:
If you’re a student and maintain good grades, you can save.

Security Device:
Having a car alarm or defensive mechanism such as On-Star or Lo-Jack can help.